ZEEN Training Short Videos

ZEEN Overview:

Quick overview of how to use ZEEN:
Seated position, standing position, ZEEN-ing mode, barstool mode.

ZEEN Instruction:

Seat release operation (2-levers applied at same time).
Important that lift setting is adjusted to equipoise at each specific user weight.
Slight bounce on seat might be necessary if release not operating.

Handlebar pivot operation (release latches).

Brakes functionality, and how to operate parking brake.

How to operate seat belt.

How to turn in the ZEEN (standing, use of body core, around a spot on the floor).

How to fold ZEEN (pulling up on both levers simultaneously), use of folding strap.

How to unfold ZEEN, storage of folding strap.

ZEEN Braking Instruction

ZEEN Folding Instruction

ZEEN Handlebar Pivot Instruction

ZEEN Handlebar Pivot Instruction

ZEEN Turning Instruction

ZEEN Unfolding Instruction

ZEEN Seat Belt Instruction

ZEEN Adjustments:

Maximum seat height adjustment:
- What ideal height do you want the seat height for standing?
- How to complete the adjustment using the max height cars

Lift adjustment setting procedure

Seat belt proper adjustment

ZEEN Lift Adjustment

ZEEN Folding Instruction

ZEEN Seat Max Height Adjustment


Always use seat belt

Don’t coast sideways

Maintain controllable speed

Keep hands on activation levers when going up /down on seat to avoid pinch hazards

Avoid obstacles / avoid riding over

Who to contact with any questions – info@exokinetics.com / 610-222-5950

ZEEN Safety Overview

Daily Use Tips:

How to get ZEEN over a single stair or street curb

Tips for going up / down hill (lower ZEEN slightly)

Tip for traversing across side slope (walk with ZEEN – more pressure on feet)

ZEEN Side Slope Operation Tips

ZEEN Up Down Stair Tips

ZEEN Uphill Downhill Tips

ZEEN Start Moving Tips

Maximum Height Setting Chart

Maximum Height Setting Chart.jpg

* The maximum height chart above provides a general guide for initial fitment.

We recommend to initially test fit at a lower height setting and increase the max height car incrementally until the user can apply some weight to the saddle when standing and their knees slightly bent.

Lift Setting Chart

Lift Setting Chart.jpg

* The chart provides general guidelines. 

Each participant may choose a setting unique to their individual needs.
Our recommendation is to start with a lower lift setting and increase as desired.


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